Age: 16
Origin: Earth
Crane Connate
Position: Adroit
Location: Aristarchus Station
Eastern Commorancy
Tiitan Square
Portrayed by: Natalie Alyn Lind

8, Main Body

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(3018-01-28) Meeting the Archer
Summary: Ceres runs into Archer at the Albion Commons. Date: 3018-01-28 Albion...

(3018-01-28) J-Walk
Summary: It's an 'End of the Weekend' party! Date: 3018-01-28 House party at Mikey...

(3018-01-26) Field Test
Summary: After contact is lost with an evacuation ship from Caelus, the students are sent on a field...

(3018-01-26) After the Test
Summary: A trio of students meet up after the field test in which the Curseling is beheaded. Date:...

(3018-01-25) Lunch Club
Summary: Lunch meet during the school week. Date: IC Date It was a moment between...

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