Age: 16
Origin: Mercury
Position: Phenom (Metals)
Location: Titan, Canterbury Halls & Avalon
Portrayed by: Alena Podloznaya


(3018-02-02) Want a New Drug
Summary: A group of phenoms and an adroit are sent to a refugee camp to assess the situation. A...

(3018-01-31) The Room of Lost and Found
Summary: Sunny and Harper meet in the Hidden Begot, and both reveal a desire to move into...

(3018-01-30) Definitely Not Not Flirting
Summary: Harper and Archer meet in the grounds of Albion Commons, and for the first time, she isn't...

(3018-01-29) Reflections by the Lake
Summary: Harper's finding some alone time by the lake in Avalon, when she's joined by Sunny. Talk...

(3018-01-28) Mercurial Musings
Summary: Two of Mercury's Phenoms meet over lunch, and talk turns to the recent mission on which...

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