Age: 16
Origin: Mercury
Metal Connate
Position: Phenom (Metal, "Blood")
Location: Avalon
Portrayed by: Ian Nelson

"Kill all curselings."

The "blood mage," Sunny, is apparently able to use magic with blood. But despite that, he's not very moody, just very focused on killing Curselings and trying not to be angry.


(3018-02-02) Want a New Drug
Summary: A group of phenoms and an adroit are sent to a refugee camp to assess the situation. A...

(3018-01-31) The Room of Lost and Found
Summary: Sunny and Harper meet in the Hidden Begot, and both reveal a desire to move into...

(3018-01-29) Reflections by the Lake
Summary: Harper's finding some alone time by the lake in Avalon, when she's joined by Sunny. Talk...

(3018-01-28) Sunny Meets Archer
Summary: Archer and Sunny meet while Sunny is investigating the shuttle to Aristarchus Station for...

(3018-01-28) Mercurial Musings
Summary: Two of Mercury's Phenoms meet over lunch, and talk turns to the recent mission on which...

(3018-01-28) J-Walk
Summary: It's an 'End of the Weekend' party! Date: 3018-01-28 House party at Mikey...

(3018-01-26) Field Test
Summary: After contact is lost with an evacuation ship from Caelus, the students are sent on a field...

(3018-01-26) After the Test
Summary: A trio of students meet up after the field test in which the Curseling is beheaded. Date:...

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