While decedents of legends much like their Phenom siblings, Adroits do not possess the innate ability to shape and cast magic spells. They can, however, conjoin magic to items and technology. They are artificers of technology. All Adroits begin play at age 16 and must attend the Celestial Academy of Aristarchus Station. The planet they are from will grant them an element of choice, which will carry with it certain benefits and hindrances in the weapons, armors and technology they build.

They do not have access to metaphysics and its skills, rather they are capable of imbuing magical properties permanently into items (Phenom spells have limited duration). They drawback is that only the adroit who crafted the item is capable of using it. While they can merge similar abilities into the items, the element of their planet informs the affect that is unleashed when activated.

They belong to the connate associated with their planet, along with the commorancy conjoined to their opposed connate.

In game terms, while adroits do not have access to the metaphysics attribute and its skill branch, they instead can utilize CG points and Character Points gained in game to infuse special abilities into weapons, armor and technology (mechs, space fighters, flying vehicles, power suits, drones). While the human equivalent of those technologies has a limited number of slots to customize them, this artificer ability allows them to go above and beyond in making these items magical. So long as they continue to develop these technologies, these move into the realm of artifacts.

When developing an Adroit, points should be reserved to start these developments, but the Adroit should consider spending points in the related tech skill to work on the specific items they want to make, as well as the skills to use them. Those skills coupled with their spend on special abilities is what makes them unique.


Upon entry into the Celestial Academy, the rank Adroit is assigned to these individuals. This is a Special Cadet that is being trained to utilize their ability in conjunction with technology. They are not immediately designated to enter full service until graduation and may choose any branch of service, but it is assumed they accept the training offered as part of the beginning of service as a Special Cadet.

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