Phenoms are individuals born with an innate ability to use and cast magical spells. All phenoms will start at the age of 16 and must attend the Establishment of Magic at Canterbury Halls. Depending on their planet (the planet at its moons count as the planet), Phenoms will have an association to that planets primary element. The affect of how that element expresses itself in their magic may very, including being a sub-element.

That element will give them bonuses when casting on or using that element in their spells. For this very reason the Society of the Sacred has established the system of Connates and Commorancies. A Connate signifies philosophies of learning associated with a single element. Conjoined with its seeming opposed Connate, two connotes make up a commorancy. Training focuses both on the connotes learning their element as well as cooperative training with the other half of their commorancy.

Phenoms are the only individuals that will understand metaphysics and have access to the skills of Channel, Sense, and Transform.

Society of the Sacred

Phenoms are training to become full fledged members of the society and upon acceptance into the Establishment of Magic.
Phenom is the lowest member of society, a term given to one in training on their way to becoming a full fledged member of the Society.

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