Capital: Summatos
Element: Water and Ice
Population: Caelus: 12 billion. Summatos: 5 million.
Status: FIGHTING Titania is Free; Fighting on Arial and Oberon continues; Umbriel is Occupied

Truly the darkest corner of the solar system on a literal level, Caelus has seen a wealth of growth on its moons for this vary reason. The always night has been a lure both to residents and visitors alike. Though most has only developed in the last century and a half at most, sprawling urban centers for work and leisure have cropped up on all four
of Caelus' moons. One of the last gas giants to being hosting floating cities, the cities over Caelus itself offers the latest and greatest TerGen Technologies, making for impressive environments based around the ringed blue gas giant.

While marvelous on many levels, including the growth of interest by humanity to spread this far from the sun, Caelus has witnessed the Curse as well. Not long after the Neptune System fell, Umbriel was invaded and slowly conquered by the Curselings and fighting has sense spread to the moons of Ariel and Oberon. Caelus Planetary Defenses are torn between the two moons now but it is believed that should the larger moon fall, the rest of Caelus will fall with it. Much of the fighting is centered on Oberon for now, with Space Force Command trying to contain Ariel to keep the two fronts alive in an effort for continued pressure on Oberon. Summatos, the capital of Caelus on Oberon has yet to see fighting, but most citizens of the large city have been touched in some way by the continued fighting.

Cities of Caelus System

Summatos the capital of the system, located on the moon Oberon. One of the major centers for Science and Research in the solar system is located in Summatos.

Bellatron is located on the moon Titania and is a primary medical research city with many new biomedical developments originating here thanks to the tholin mining of the Caelus system.

Thalestron has a strong focus of tholin mining on Umbriel but has spent a great deal building up its leisure activities just the same. During working hours it can be a ghost town and then it is a shining star of vibrancy when most denizens are off work and living up the life of leisure activities that are offered in Thalestron.

Calitron on Ariel is a center for sports and gambling. It cannot compete with Thalestron for the array of leisure activities, but the strong focus on gambling and the premiere MagneTrack racing facilities of the Caelus system laave Calitron a destination location on the moon of Ariel.

Moons of Caelus


The largest moon of Caelus System, it is not the capital. It does serve as a primary research center for tholin's found and mined on the moons of Caelus or from objects beyond the 8 major planets of our solar system. The city of Bellatron has the most advanced medical facilities in the known system, which has seen a large increase following the arrival and invasion by the Curselings.


Oberon is the outermost moon of Caelus and is the largest center of science in the solar system. This has made Summatos the capital of the Caelusian system. While mined for methane initially to further TerGen projects on other moons and planets, its position in the Caelusian system has increased its importance as cities grew on this moon in the last two hundred years.

A large portion of the effort of the combined branches of the military are focused here; its believed that should Summatos fall, the moon will go with it, and eventually all of Caelus System. It is unknown what may be gained from the science centers of Oberon, but Space Force Command does not wish to risk its collapse. The Council of Planets, however, argue over sending too many resources to Oberon and leaving other planets and moons exposed, versus stopping the Curse with all that it has now before it really is too late.


Initially a moon mostly dedicated to the extraction of tholin for medical and research purposes, Umbriel has grown much like the other moons of Caelus, offering luxuries of leisure in equal portions to the hard labors of those who take up the professions of labor on the moon itself. Its primary city, Thalestron, is the Vegas of the Solar System; was at least until Umbriel was captured by the Curselings.


Ariel, like other moons, served as a source for tholin but, as well, CO2 harvesting and extraction is lucrative to the efforts of TerGen on all moons and planets. A bigger draw to Ariel in the Caelus system is the leisure itself, Ariel is also the primary location of sports and the sports teams of the Caelus system.

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