Capital: City of London
Element: Earth
Population: Earth: 19 billion. London: 8.7 million.
Status: Untouched by Curse

Where it all began.

Roughly 600 years ago, despite toiling to keep the climate from changing and save the earth, things were in dire straights. But it was then that we'd advanced TerGen technologies enough that our exploration of space wouldn't be limited to small outposts and stations among the nearby planets.

Finally technology capable of geothermal and atmospheric conversions that could utilize the surrounding enough to convert the air to breathable, stablize the atmospheric pressure and allow us to be in completely different environments without experiencing side effects like decalcification, we took to the stars.

This allowed us to reduce earth's population and sustain critical mass without overpopulating. With the reduction, many cities were reduced to massive ghost towns while others saw a boom in numbers. It required a thing never thought of, unification of the human race. Initially with a central focus in London, this body of individuals eventually took to the stars as well. While we are all governed by the Council of Planets in Salian City on Saturn's moon, Titan, London remains the seat for the Chancellor of earth.

Many of the forests and coral reefs are now rebounding, with a lot of the focus on Earth being preservation and reformation of the climate. A secondary benefit to TerGen is the growth of cities on Luna, our old moon.

Cities of Earth System

London is the capital of the earth system and remains tied to the past as well as the future. Several millennia old buildings remain along with the most advanced buildings in the entire solar system itself.

Terra Luna is a getaway city for planet-side denizens of earth. Easy to make day trips here, this city on Luna (the Moon) is a primarily leisure center. The elite MagneTrack racers of Earth seem to originate here. It does not have the best earth track, but with an abundance of smaller courses to train on, this is a feature career for young individuals after graduating secondary education.

Hong Kong is a prominent city the region formerly known as Southeast Asia. Fore front of aeroponic towers for better city development, its one of the first green cities. Many of the older open style aeroponic towers of earth are still in this city giving it that very same look.

Moon of Earth


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