Capital: New Augustus
Element: Fire and Lava
Population: Mars: 2.4 billion. New Augustus: 4.23 million.
Status: Untouched by Curse

Heavily terraformed, Mars has several large regions that have suitable land features and atmosphere for human habitation beyond that of the other planet. Cassini crater is one of the first locations deemed appropriate for terraformation and from the center of this crater, in a nearly 500 mile radius, the land is arable and the atmosphere breathable. It includes rolling hills where once were craters, and an strong infrastructure between cities. Like most of the large terraformed areas on Mars, wildlife in the form of small animals and birds is thriving in this area.

At the center of the crater is the man made Lake Neiro, on its northern shore is the sprawling city of New Augustus. Thanks to the large scale TerGen projects and generators, it is not uncommon to see boats sailing this lake. The same, horseback riding around the crater and surrounding lands is starting to see an increase as well. If not for the hard limit on the outer edges of the 1,000 diameter 'globe' where one can see the red landscape, it is not dissimilar from Earth in these regions.

Cities on Mars

New Augustus is a growing metropolis, behind Salian City on Titan (Saturn) and outside of the Earth System it is one of the largest cities in the solar system. It remains a primary draw for sports, having one of the largest complexes dedicated to sports in the solar system as well. Home of the premiere Martian MagneTrack known as Redstone.

Paradise Falls. With the large scale TerGen projects on Mars, access to water was a primary concern in early developmen t. Paradise Falls is situated on the eastern portion of one of the planets largest aquifers. They have tunneled into this aquifer and have created a flowing river that runs through Paradise Falls.

Atmos is a newer city on Mars, but very advanced TerGen gives it an earth like quality including controlled day light to match that of earth.

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