Capital: Port Capena
Element: Metal
Population: Mercury: 4.5 billion. Port Capena: 2.2 million.
Status: Untouched by Curse

Following Mars, Mercury was the second planet where colonization began. The first site chosen was the Prokofiev Crater near the northern polar ice cap. Due to extreme temperatures cause by the slower rotation of Mercury and early TerGen technology, craters at the north pole were the first locations suitable. Using a mix of TerGen atmospheric stabilization, coupled with ice from inside the dark craters near the poles and opening caves and mines to geothermal warming vents, the early cities remain relatively exposed rather than domed.

The majority of cities are thusly still located at the north or south pole.

Port Capena is the first and largest city on Mercury. Like most other cities, it is constantly a mix of night and day in the city as the sun can be viewed nearly yearly over the rim and horizon from where these cities are built into the breccia and down to the bedrock.

Following the establishment of Port Capena, cities initially built up around the northern craters and the bulk of the population resides with 5 to 10 degrees of the north pole. Some estimated 60% of the population is here in large cities but the southern pole and its craters have witnessed a spurt of growth in the past century, comprising another 25% of the population. Outpost cities, mining operations and small ventures are, otherwise, scattered about the planet.

The later smaller cities and outposts have arisen thanks to more recent advancements in TerGen technology. While initially full domes where required for this with a completely stabilized internal atmosphere, the advancement to stabilize and pressurize the atmosphere in ionic domes has left the recent settlements around the planet far more open.

Cities of Mercury:

Port Capena is the capital of the Mercury System. The first city built on Mercury long before the more modern TerGen advancements. It was placed in Prokofiev Crater, part of it perpetually exists in the sunlight while the bottom layers are nearly in shadow constantly, leaving the mid levels to experience mixed levels of sunlight during the slow orbit around the Sun.

Gregov City is the second largest city of Mercury and an industrial center that rivals Port Capena in production of iron from the planet itself.

Laasgo is an entertainment city midway between Port Capena and Gregov City. One of the more advanced TerGen cities on the surface of Mercury, sunlight is controlled to mimic day and night as if on Earth. It is an agricultural center, including both in aeroponic towers and terraformed surface farms.

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