Capital: Actium
Element: Darkness, Shadows
Population: Neptune: 11.2 billion. Actium: 5.35 million.
Status: OCCUPIED: Neptune and its moon Triton are Occupied by the Curse

Only a few cities float in the atmosphere of Neptune, the majority of the population of the Neptune System are locate on its rogue moon Triton. Captured by the planet at a young age, by measure of other astronomical bodies, Triton orbits the planet opposite its rotation. One of the few places where the run rises in the west and sets in the east, though at its distance, the sun is little more than a quickly passing start in the sky.

Triton and Neptune, are at present, held by Curselings. Quickly taking the cities, and then the floating cities, its not fully understood how they get around so readily. On Triton, there is an extensive structure of underground geothermal venting and this may in part explain how Triton was captured, but they have sense moved to the planet's floating cities itself as well as to Caelus' moons. With a slow spread from their initial contact with the planet, they did not take Actium as first though the capital fell within a couple years since their arrival.

They bring no machines and its understood now that they move between cities by way of magic. However, between cities, they are somehow cultivating and changing the atmosphere to be suitable to their kind. Its believed the darkness is suitable to them, but the cold less so and they are warming the moon of Neptune. The cities that are captured are utilized by them, the people remain as some sort of battery to their dark magic it is believed.


Actium the former capital of Neptune before the arrival of the Curse. It is located on Triton.

Celes one of the few metropolis sized cities on the surface of Neptune itself. It served as a primary mining site for Ethane from the atmosphere or frozen into the surface of the gas giant itself.

Akiyama started as a primary leisure center for Triton but has grown to rival Actium itself.

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