Consent and Death

The Consent and Death Policy

By playing, one is consenting to outcomes including the potential of character death

Pure and simple. By playing in a scene, one is consenting to potential outcomes of actions in that scene. Joining a fight, there is a potential consequence of death. Breaking the law, there is a potential to end up out-of-play in our version of prison.

In some situations a player may not wish to play out the consequences and the right to hand wave or fade-to-black (ftb) is always an option by all parties involved. It only takes one party to consent to ftb, the other parties must respect this option. Anything else is harassment.

It may be in the best of interest of all parties that if something is going beyond R in rating to check with other involved parties to avoid it bordering into harassment.

Coercion after the fact will be viewed as harassment and may result in a retcon. Don't be a creep, check with other players before doing something they may not want.

Death is final. Its a hard fact, reach 0 HP and the character is dead. Each player has a right to a one time hand wave/hand of God. This is not per character, this is per player, staff will monitor this; once a character is at 0 HP, it will take staff to restore the HP. The player will need to justify the return to life with some IC reason; not a 'the attack missed' but something more viable. We will consider this a learning experience, the player learns that running is an option and the next time they lose a character it is because they choose to waive the right to run from a source of damage.

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