OOC: No,
IC: Mildly Tolerable

Any and all discrimination is unwelcome in any OOC context. This includes the OOC lounge, public channels, wiki and page/private message.

What do we mean by IC Mildly Tolerable?

We do not encourage IC discrimination against other players to the point of being abusive. There are certainly areas for IC disagreement from politics on down which can be played out. This should not extend into OOC areas of play or onto channels.

As a note, player characters are all human and mostly on the same team as relates to the metaplot of the game; the incursion into our reality by the Curselings. Do not escalate culture to include negativity of an unwanted level against other characters.

Areas to consider for IC disagreement: Politics (be aware of our Politics and the main parties in the solar system.

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