Cordial Society Movement

The Cordial Society Movement is a political party. A primary point of interest is that the Cordial Society Movement believes that all individuals have the right to choose their life and freedoms, including profession.


Curselings/War Efforts

The CSM believes a strengthening of Planetary Defenses is the best strategy, to allow systems to prepare for Curselings. Not fully understanding when and where they may strike next, this is the logical step. Minimal war efforts to continue to fight the Curselings in the Caelus system on Ariel and Oberon, to allow humans to evacuate as necessary of course, but without fully understanding the enemy, they feel that efforts to drive at the Curselings are futile at best.


They support the education as it stands (read about Education on the culture page). While individuals choose potential professions and interests during their education and make selections for post-secondary training and higher education related to their personal interests, they propose more opportunities for adults to re-enter post-secondary training. Especially if they are not adapting to their profession (or in their profession, they are less successful than peers).

Law Enforcement

Personal choice remains the forefront of the CSM platform. Law intercedes at the point they become a harm to them self. This is to prevent the the harm growing to affect society. Any improper use of personal allowances or professional resources should be dealt with. CSM holds a strong belief in the personal reform system. They are not opposed to the continued use of the state work/reform system that sees individuals mining in the state operated mines of Jupiter. These are in the most extreme of cases where removing an individual from the environment for extended amounts of time is the final solution towards redemption.

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