Unified Populous Alliance

The Unified Populous Alliance is a political party. They believe everyone can contribute meaningfully to society, but that the state should take more hand in guiding individuals into roles in society to make them most effective.


Curselings/War Efforts

The UPA believe Caelus and Neptune are rightfully under the dominion of humanity and as such, all efforts should be utilized to better understand the Curselings while continuing to drive them out. They are often upset when votes swing in favor of bolstering defenses as sitting and waiting is more like sitting ducks waiting to be picked off. Every moon or planet the Curselings take is incentive to continue their crusade into the human reality. They are pushing for more patrols of Neptune to look for weaknesses, and want the military to develop more covert operations behind enemy lines to further gather information that could lead to a break in this war that, for all purpose, seems to be a slowly lost battle against the Curse.


During Primary and some Secondary Education, choice is welcome, but at some point, it is clear there are best options and rather than leave it to choice, they believe the state should help determine post potential for youth. The UPA believes that this will result in less resources utilized on reform in schools for those individuals that are less successful when choosing their profession on whims of interest and delight. Not only will it reduce the spending of those educational resources, it will better benefit society as a whole to more quickly center an individual into an area of interest in which they will excel and contribute more readily once they are trained/graduated from higher education.

Law Enforcement

The UPA believes in better monitoring of individuals to begin reform prior to the individual becoming a burden on society as a whole. The sooner the better, including removal from the environment. UPA believes strongly in the Jupiter operations, where individuals can better learn how to be productive to society as a whole.

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