Titan Square

A very prominent location in Salian City, Titan Square is the hub of the universe in a proverbial sense. The best professionals are centered around this location, including Universal News Associates which operates out of the second tallest skyscraper located on the east side of Titan Square. It stands juxtaposed to the Council of Planets tower on the west end of the square.

A large fountain surrounded by an urban sprawl of widewalk and hoverdisc space is the central focus, with ways branching out from there. Above the fountain is a massive 3D projection that is the centerpiece of the glow of lights that make this area attractive at all hours of the day. This main focal point is the H-News, filtered through UNA and some of its syndicates. Literally anything of news that has happened will show up here and most generally within minutes!

The top band is for the most breaking news and is the largest of the H-News projection. Any story or interview going on is likely to have relevant bits of information here as 'breaking' news. Below the main band is a medium sized band that is scrolling with developing news, such as law and politics and any war news not shown in the top band. Below is a small band that show anything relevant to the news. Anyone can submit, but this is filtered through UNA so as not to waste this space. This includes major accidents and even up to the minute arrests.

The news displays here first before filtered to other syndication and onto OEDs. If anyone is arrested, its likely to scroll in Titan Square and then off to the OEDs, that is the first source when learning about family or relatives or friends up to no good.

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