Distant from Saturn, there was concern of colonizing Iapetus. Unlike the other concern in the system, Rhea, Iapetus had long ago lost its ring. It sits along the equator of the moon in a ring of mountain, taller than any mountain on earth. The concern was the ongoing Sturzstrom along the ridge and in the craters of this oddly shaped moon. Once TerGen could stablize the sliding debris it would be safer.


Only just over a century ago the initial colonization centered around large domed cities constructed on that ridgeline at the equator with most cities on the Cronian face of Iapetus. A few locations were chosen on the opposite side as well. The equator was a stable location on both sides of the planet but the rotation and odd incline gave the planet a day length of 79 standard earth days. Thus the smaller half of the cities on Iapetus lie in the crater planes between equatorial ridge and the poles, allowing a more constant view of the sun at least from these positions.

The capital and administrative center of Iapetus is Anchialles, centered on the ridge.

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