Several cities have risen on Rhea in the last 150 years. While the second largest moon of Titan, is is also one of the few moons with rings of its own. This is one of the reasons it was not settled after Titan, part of the TerGen technology utilized for its colonization was meant to stabilize these collapsing rings to prevent the debris from crashing into anything developing on the surface.

The Rheans are proud of these rings. The first cities were built within the Tirawa crater, and not the younger Inktomi crater, and thusly never view Saturn itself. It furthers this pride in their own native rings. New cities are on the Cronian side of the moon, but the pride and history stem from the Rings of Rhea.

Despite the moon being ice, over pure water and rock, the first city took the name New Magna; it serves as the central government and administrative center of the moon. Like many cities on icy surfaces, the ice has been removed or reduced to allow geological construction for a solid base of the city in support over the crust of the moon.

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