Roughly 300 years ago, Titan was chosen as the first moon of a gas planet to be colonized. Due to the fact that it had an atmospheric pressure similar to earth.


Similarly Kraken Mare (sea) was chosen as the site for this, and a portion of land (ice) was further selected on the southern shores of this large body of methane water. Many of the other primary (large) cities on Titan are similarly on the maria (seas) or lacus (lakes) of methane. While unsuitable for drinking, much like earth's oceans, Titanians adhere to the charm of the methane lakes and even as they employ TerGens for much of their atmospheric control, they continue to keep the extremely cold methane lakes intact. A common joke even amongst themselves remains: Don't drink the water of Titan. For that matter, don't swim in them.

This first site became Salian City. Other cities have cropped up around Kraken Mare as well as an infrastructure to support both regular vehicles traversing back and forth as well as some of the open canopied vehicles with supporting closed tubes between the open aired TerGen controlled atmosphere around the cities themselves.

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