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While wheels have become archaic, high maintenance luxuries at best, the sport of maglock wheeled bike racing continues to push the envelop of ground speeds. Large, serpentine tracks serve as the grounds for racing these bikes, generally over natural terrain and sometimes through cities themselves. MagneTrack Racing is a high end spectacle. Despite the concept that everyone watches for the tracks, there hasn't been a death in MagneTrack Racing in nearly two decades.


MangeTrack Sport Racing (MTSR) comes in several classes with an authority vested in the MTSR Association (MTSRA). They've gone through the length to assure there is a sanctioned track on every planet and moon with a suitable population of at least 10 million on the surface. While broadcast, it is certainly best viewed live, and often is associated with other forms of leisure from various smaller sports to concerts and gambling. At best, one race per year per celestial body is hosted by the MTSRA.

There are rumors that illegal racing persists.

Popular Names in the Sport

Name Team Known For…
Gage 'Cosmo' Artemis After winning the circuit several times he's one of the most well known names in the sport. Often seen with a model or actress on his arm at all the big name parties.
Linc 'Rocket' Osmond Rocket is best known for his long standing association with team Optidom of New Augustus on Mars. Started out as a bad boy, but eventually married an actress and is said to be tame. He still gets in a few fights at events and parties, but nothing as wild as his younger days; according to the critiques at least.
Stewart 'Breeze' Walker Racing out of Port Capena, Mercury, the Breeze is cool under pressure. One of the favored on board holocamera riders due to his cool measured moves while riding at such high speeds. Rarely seen outside of the sport, not big on parties or celebrity events even.
Frank 'Savage' Brady More to come.

Up and Coming in the Sport

Name Team Known For…
Jasen 'Axe' Anderson Team Orpheus Hanging at Lounge NeoDread, partying on race weekends and his smug, cocky demeanor. He's really good at what he does, and he knows it.
'Zee' Team Titan Her wild streak has certainly made her popular in the sport, her willingness to take chances and the reckless way she tackles life and flaunts some of her habits, such as drinking a little too much. Hangs at Club Utopia.

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