Aristarchus Station

In orbit over Titan, Aristarchus Station is the main body of leading scientists that are working with the Society of the Sacred to develop infused technology to combat the Curse.


Developments incorporate technology and magic, but it requires the bloodlines of those families identified by the Society to truly activate the potential of these modern world magical artifacts and items.

Of this is born The Celestial Academy of Aristarchus Station. Those children of the same genealogy as progeny of legends that do not develop the ability to use innate magic are in turn sent to this academy. Their bloodlines allow them to utilize and operate technology infused with the element of the Connate.

The Teachers and the Classroom.


Topics Specific to the Aristarchus Station

Topics Related to Aristarchus Station

Class Ideas

Planetary Physics
Planetary Environmental Science and Biochemistry
Self Defense and Evasive Tactics, Weaponry
Small Forces Strategy

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