Avalon is a filled with a history as rich as the land itself. Lush and rolling hills, tall trees and emerald rivers that would rival Eire itself. Magic abounds here in the flora and the fauna of the lands.

The land has very decisive borders however, to the north, to the east, to the south and to the west.

The Establishment of Magic at Canterbury Halls


Society of the Sacred

A group of wizards straight out of fairy tales and legends. As foretold in legends of a distant past, with the return of magic so too have mages of old returned. They seek the awakening of children, those descendants of legends past that saved Earth are now sought by this group to be trained in Canterbury Halls to once again face the threat that now faces our entire solar system.

Despite the lands of Avalon being rich with magic, Phenoms are only able to practice their magic within the grounds of Canterbury Halls while in this world, through the portal.


The Whisper Forest

The Eastern Border

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep.. and miles to go before I sleep. —Robert Frost

On the eastern borders stand the majestic trees of The Whisper Forest, the trees numerous, cloyingly so, with a canopy so thick that the sun doesn't even peek through. The ground is covered in a layer of fog that sends tendrils through the darkness. Shadowy figures appear now and again just within the edges of the darkness where the sun doesn't reach. Whispers drift out, whispers that -no matter how hard you listen- are just out of comprehension range and seems to draw one nearer and nearer in order to hear the secrets.


No matter how long you travel towards The Whisper Forest, the area always remains the same distance away.

The Harbour of Undoing

The Southern Border

At night the fog was thick and full of light, and sometimes voices. —Erin Bow

To the south is The Harbour of Undoing. The same fog covers water as green as the rolling hills of Avalon and though there are sometimes voices in the mist there are no other shadowy figures as there are in the Whisper Forest.


No matter how long you travel towards the harbour, the area always remains the same distance away.

The Fire Borough

The Western Border

The town caught fire in several places, shells crashed and burst, and solid shot rained like hail. —James Longstreet

To the west is The Fire Borough. Mist rises from the flora of this boundary appearing like smoke or steam, mingling with the sun on the reddish trees, making it look like the entire area is aflame.


No matter how long you travel towards the borough, the area always remains the same distance away.

The Dread Mountain

The Northern Border

There is no delight the equal of dread. —Clive Barker

And lastly, to the north is The Dread Mountain, sheer spikes that reach to the sky and beyond. It is rumored the peak of the tallest spire is somehow connected with Mount Olympus, but this is only speculation or rumor.. isn't it?


The mountains tower high into the sky, disappearing into the mists above, the craggy cliffs and sheer drops almost nightmarish in appearance. Shadowy places in the mountains appear like caves within though the entrances seem to be too distance for exploration.

Like the other three boundaries, no matter how long you travel towards them, they always remain the same distance away.

Vault of the Vanquished

I am become death. The destroyer of worlds. —J. Robert Oppenheimer

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