As the Society of the Sacred sought families and descendants of legend, they worked to identify where and how to find them, how to bring them together. The Commorancy was born of this. In figuring the elements associated with the planets and the legends associated to them, where the progeny was born, it was determined the best way to harmonize was to unify connates that were seemingly opposed to each other. There are four such Commorancies.

The Northern Commorancy

The Tiger Connate and Leopard Connate form the Northern Commorancy, they represent those legends associated with the elements of Water (Tiger) and Fire (Leopard), respectively the descendants are found on Caelus and Mars.

The Southern Commorancy

Dragon Connate, representing Light and born on Venus, is joined into the Southern Commorancy along with the Snake Connate which represents Shadow, whose progeny are born on Neptune.

The Eastern Commorancy

The Eastern Commorancy unites Eagle Connate, whose element is Air and whose children were born on Jupiter, with Crane Connate, its earth and birth planet being Earth.

The Western Commorancy

Within the Western Commorancy, Monkey and Mantis Connates are unified. Monkey are those born on Mercury and associated with the element of metal while Mantis are those born on Saturn and of the Wood element.

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