Of note is that, depending on the planet of origin for any Phenom or Adroit, this assigns them to a Connate. Whether from some shared ancestry and being drawn to a planet or simply aligned to the ephemerides at birth, the Connate does have some affect on the Phenoms and Adroits.

Essentially, by planet, one is precluded to a specific element or sub element that can and often does affect their magic. They are as follows.

Tiger Connate

Associated strongly with water (ice, steam, etc.), members of the Tiger Connate originate from the Caelus System. Along with the Leopard Connate, Tiger Connate is one half of the Northern Commorancy.

Crane Connate

The Crane is associated with earth (geology, rock, strength) and its members originate on Earth or Luna. It is one half of the Eastern Commorancy

Eagle Connate

Air is the element of the Eagle Connate (winds, the invisible, weather), those born of the moons of Jupiter, or the floating cities over the gas giant, become members of Eagle Connate. It is one half of the Eastern Commorancy.

Leopard Connate

Born of Mars, the Leopard Connate is associated with fire and its incarnations; lava, heat, arid desert. It is one half of the Northern Commorancy.

Monkey Connate

Members of the Monkey Connate are affiliated with Metal. Born of Mercury, the Monkey Connate is one part of the Western Commorancy.

Snake Connate

Hailing from the planet Neptune, members of Snake Connate work with the element Shadow. They are part of the Southern Commorancy.

Mantis Connate

Woods it the element of the Mantis Connate, they originate in the Saturn system. They make up one part of the Western Commorancy.

Dragon Connate

Born on Venus, the Dragon Connate is relative to the element of Light. They are half of the Southern Commorancy.

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