Culture and leisure are supported and encouraged through the allowances. With nothing truly being illegal accept in abundance and at the expense of an individuals health, the allowances serve as a soft control to help avoid excess. Even with such loose restraint, common leisure activities and culture still focus around the same venues as they have for thousands of years. Socializing, spectacles of entertainment, the enjoyment of music in its many forms followed by forms of fun and play including game and sport that is rarely directly head to head competitive.


Includes a wide range of instruments and vocals, from pure machine to machine assisted to acoustic, and everything in between. The idea of symphony has grown to include electronic and machine sections to older, traditional forms of pure instruments and voice. Live concerts and performances have grown, the current venue of a live concert is a mingling of what was once individual bands and is now four or five stages at once where bands mingle, join, compete, offset, and otherwise mesh in various forms of entertainment. Few solo artists exist without another to do the same, even just two vocals that run the gamut of harmonizing to competitive.

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Sports remains relatively unchanged, with a heavy focus being on the sports of Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey (in that order). Many others sports exist, but elite universal leagues center on those sports.

The primary sport of interest outside of team sports is MagneTrack Sport Racing. This is a fast racing sport based on two wheel motorcycles on a magnetic track which allows vertical and even upside down racing. Safety features in the bikes keep riders safe, bikes come with hover deployment features for observers safety. Read more on MagneTrack Sport Racing.

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Beyond team sport and music, other forms of entertainment include live theater and performance,

Visual Mediums (Movies, 'Television', etc.)

The vast majority of Movies are presented via holo projection, filmed in the round and most theaters surround the area of play. Tickets are important for this as the perspective change. Its only a matter of weeks before most movies move from huge theaters into the home, where its easy to rotate the holo projection area. But some folks have to see it first from every angle to analyze and critique before their friends.

The primary home network is currently Home Holo Library (HHL), a service that shows new movies for home viewing and produces its own shows and series for everyone's favorite moment of binge watching.

Universal News Associates (UNA) is the primary station of news. There are plenty of competitors, but UNA tends to get most stories first, and the most accurate. Less time spent correlating the facts. A lot of third party news networks, on the verge of nearly being shut down by state systems, tend to simply air UNA in the background half the time as the primary source of their own news. At that time, most are wondering what new professions the execs on those third party networks will be claiming, the running joke is usually frying fries at some grease joint.

Other Fun

Narcotics, Inebriants, Stimulants

The letter of the law is that anything is legal, in given amounts. In fact, a part of leisure allowance includes things that can be drank, inhaled, or otherwise imbibed legally. While allowed in moderation, this does not mean there are no addicting substances left, only that society as a whole is taught to better identify this potential. Most other behavior that contributes to addiction has been sought to be removed.

Currently the most addictive drugs is called Lucid. This is sold in liquid form, the base is methane gas with other substances. When warmed appropriate, the gas can be inhaled, giving the user a feeling of euphoria coupled with mild hallucination properties in which everything seems surrounded by neon glows. When sold and used legally, OED's notify they seller of an individuals next work shift and modifies the amount they are inhaling. When sold illegally, the user takes as much as they want, sometimes the mixture becomes unstable resulting in mild combustion that can be harmful to the user.


All members of society will attend Primary and Secondary Education.

Primary education consists of 6 years, starting at age 6 and continuing through age 12. It covers such topics as language and math development and includes secondary topics such as art, culture and sports. It also gives rudimentary training in common advanced sciences from physics to calculus. In the upper three grades, students tend to gravitate towards one of the secondary topics of their choice when they take a greater focus in the sciences.

Secondary Education remains four years and most will graduate by age 16. This is more dependent on date of birth than anything else. Students will round out English and Humanities at lower levels, and begin a focus on topics of interest. By the end of their second year, they begin testing for potential professions, a number of these will be identified but it is entirely the choice of the student which they prefer.

The last month of Secondary Education is spent once more testing for potential profession. All students will receive some sort of post-secondary/higher education relative to a field of interest. Whether its a few years in some technical school or several more learning a greater body of knowledge, each student receives enough training to conduct some profession at a journeyman level. Note that if the profession proves unsuitable, each member of society is eligible to return to post-secondary/higher education every 3 to 5 years to find a suitable profession that allows them to be a productive member of society.

While this is the standard, the Unified Populous Alliance may disagree and seek change. Their wish is to identify the best possible outcomes and assure that students and individuals are directed into these professions; for the betterment of society (see: Politics for more information on this).

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