Economy is not based on a perceived financial basis. Rather there are allowances attributed to an individual for necessities, living and leisures. An individual will receive a daily allowance for food based on things such as calories for the individual based on height weight, or for clothing based on chosen profession. Living space given is roughly the same size, its more than ample. There are allotted resources to decorate, update, and maintain these. Leisure is divided up into various areas including fun activities, games, recreational chemical use, theater, and sports (participating in athletics as well as viewing events).

While everyone receives they same, they are expected to contribute just the same to society in return.

As individuals may choose their professions, the way one spends resources is limited as well. Anyone could open a restaurant and become a chef, but the best are still in higher demand. Rather than limit access by 'money', everyone can go, but sometimes they are so booked its more about who one knows to be able to get in. Higher demand for a great chef means less likely most are in being able to enjoy their works. Or in the realm of clothing, anyone may choose to sell clothes and design clothes. Some may do so by computer aided design and anyone can buy their styles because they are produced by robotic assistance. But some artisans that hand make clothes could be in such high demands, it comes down again to socializing and circles of influence to be able to obtain some fashion designers outfits. In a manner, its similar to high school politics, there can be only a few cool kids and they seem to stick together.


As noted, though school choices and reform, an individual is given opportunities to choose who and what they would like to become. There is no pigeon whole based on finances or family networks; there is no old boy network. One works their way through school and chooses their profession and is given resources to try to be successful. Some excel as noted above, others will not. These individuals are not condemned by this failure but rather should they not show any return on their ventures or professions, they will be offered to return to post-secondary school or technical training to try again at a profession of personal interest. Presently society assumes an individual will excel at something they truly love; however loving to sing or cook doesn't mean others will enjoy it, second and third chances are encouraged to a limit. One is either working or training/retraining, then working again.

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