Phenoms and Adroits

The descendants of the legends take on the status of Phenoms and Adroits. Something in their bloodlines or genetics has attuned them to the magic in the world. It has returned and slowly these gifted individuals awaken.

The Society of the Sacred has spent time learning technology and combining the age old practice of magic with the advanced world of modern sciences. They are able to identify Phenoms through scans and testing. A Phenom doesn't awaken or express their latent abilities until they have reached the age of 16. They are now starting to awaken (3017). Once identified they are eligible to move into Albion commons and attend the The Establishment of Magic at Canterbury Halls in Avalon to learn the use of their innate magical abilities.

These bloodlines remain important even when an individual does not express the ability to shape and utilize magic. Sibling of an age can use magic, but this is simply to imbue magic directly into items permanently and then, only they may use activate and use these new age artifacts. They are sent to post-secondary education at The Celestial Academy of Aristarchus Station where they not only learn to develop this technology further, but train in its use as fighting units to join system forces in the battle against the Curse.

Identifying Phenoms and Adroits

In the case of Phenoms, there is strange phenomena associated with them. Not quite magic, but the shapings of such. The Society sometimes hears such stories and sends agents to investigate. There are tests designed to identify the Phenoms. As for the adroits, the Society has identified one month for each planet and system to send the agents to the schools and conduct the tests. These agents, members of one of the branches of the military, utilize special technology developed between the Society and top engineers to discover a student's potential. If they can manipulate it in some way, they are Adroit; 99 percent of the time, nothing happens at all with the device.

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