While the politics and economy seem to lean heavily towards Utopia infused with some meritocracy, with discrimination of old long gone, there are still criminal elements to the society at large.

Gambling is legal, but criminal elements try to control gambling in favor of gaining resources which filter to an 'invisible' elite. Criminal society is not based on finding something illegal and exploiting that for high profits. Due to everything being legal and controlled through allowances, criminals instead try to control others through bending allowances and allowance trading and brokering.

Same with gambling, they will take more than they should.

Law enforcement is based on identifying individuals trading away needed allowances to gamble or gain leisure resources beyond their means. Or to the point of risk and addiction. Society will not let someone starve, or live in poverty. The system works too well to reduce famine, poverty, disease and other elements that cost society more on a whole to allow that to happen.

Thus, once an individual is perceived to have some problem due to needing more resource allowance to cover a loss of their allowances, they will be presented with the offer of counseling. At first an offer, then mandated, then enforced.

If counseling doesn't work or the individual is too stubborn, group therapy is the next step. This elevates to assisted living and group homes. All to help normalize an individual. In the end, if none of the works, they are removed from the planet and sent to a reform prison or work camp on another planet. This includes being given tasks while living away that includes things like gas mining, or pollution control. There remain a few jobs unsuitable for robots that no one wants.

Prior to the re-emergence of military forces to combat the rise of Curselings, each planet has maintained a legal enforcement agency of some sort that was a combination of investigative work, mental health and reform offices along with a few enforces that worked with the most stubborn of individuals to maintain a peaceful society.

Specific Law

Level 1: Improper Utilization of Resources

These are first level offenses, trading away of food or other allowances for necessities to live. This is usually done to gain extra leisure of some sort. If there is a necessity, any individual may use the Necessity Shelter; overuse results in an alert to authorities and local police councilors will likely investigate to make sure nothing improper is happening.

If an individual is not addicted by but risking self harm on some level, councilors will intervene and an individual may be placed on probation to help them modify their behavior for better living.

There is generally some investigative unit in all police agencies trained to identify misuse of funds. A lot comes down to Necessity Shelter reporting too many visits in given time units (too many times a week/month etc.). However, even then, if a person simply visits too much the system will red flag and alert authorities no matter what a humanitarian at the shelter might think.

Level 2: Addiction

A step beyond Improper Utilization or Resources, if the person is giving away resources to feed some addiction that is causing direct self harm to them self and, potentially others, the matter will be escalated to Addiction. Some are addicted to various narcotics or gambling or some other activity. Everything is legal to an extent, but excess and addiction are dealt with.

If a councilor identifies an individual as an Addict there are several options of reform from mandatory visits by a councilor and tracking the OED of the individual. If this does not work, individuals may be placed into group homes in their city. They continue to work regular hours, but also have added hours of therapy and reform. Their leisure time is reduced and they are tracked.

Level 3: Exploitation/Harm to Others or Multiple Accounts Addiction

If an individual keep returning to reform, despite several attempts at reform, the next step is being sent to one of the reform centers over Jupiter. Minimum time is one year, here an individual is pressed to eight hours of work mining the gases of Jupiter. They have 2 to 4 more ours of reform and therapy and they have limited leisure activities. Most addictive activities are not allowed in these reform cities. It is a clean, sober environment.

True criminal activity, such as willful harm of another individual or exploiting an addiction, such as to benefit a net gain of resources from an addict, will result in reformation in a reform city. 8 hours mandatory work, including weekends and 4 hours mandatory societal behavior training. In part the training is professional development to find a suitable profession that contributes to society to remove the individual as far from exploiting or harming others as possible.

Level 4: True Crime (Murder/Rape/Etc.)

This is beyond taking resources, petty theft, and minor crime. This is violent crime that truly injures another.

Anyone found committing such a crime is immediately removed from society. The term on the streets for this is the 'Black Hole'. Anyone Black Hole'd is generally never seen again. There is a prison city reserved for criminals of this level. Its whereabouts are not classified.

Violent crime is at an all time low, such that when a crime happens in a given city, it literally is the talk of the town.

Repeat offenders of Level 3 crimes are at risk for Level 4 sentencing. Some individuals may have such a record of multiple activities of lower levels that Level 4 is deemed most appropriate, depending on assessment by a police councilor.

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