Space Force Command

The equivalent of a space navy, capital ships not designed for planetary atmospheric maneuvers and command of space stations.

Planetary Defenses

Units are unique to each planetary system and have a mix of ground based flight/hover vehicles, shuttle craft and space fighters, and and outposts meant to defend planets.


Ground based infantry, assorted by planets, to defend each system uniquely. Joint Army forces are utilized to head to planetary beachhead established by Astros Corps to conduct ground operations when reclaiming planets. These include regular troops, troops in TerraArmor/Power Armor and some Mecha.

Astro Corps

Assists Space Force Command, designated to breach planets and planetary defenses. Commonly deployed from atmospheric capital ships along with small fighter ships, to deal with surface to air weapons while fighters engage enemy fighters during planetary breach maneuvers. Astro Corps rely heavily on Mecha and Power/TerraArmor to complete their missions.

Topics Specific to the Military

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