Necessity Shelter

The equivalent of Red Cross/Salvation Army/Missionaries, the Necessity Shelter is the place to go when one does not have the necessary allowance to cover basic standards of living.


Everyone is granted this, there is only one way to not have enough. Paying another individual in a necessity allowance, gambling, or otherwise losing it willfully. It does happen and there is some tolerance to this.

The Necessity Shelter is provided to all and will give food, clothes, help with living allowances even, to keep everyone alive and well.

Every city has a Necessity Shelter. The green glow of its sign, the outline of a hand holding a house with a heart in it, is one of the easily recognizable symbols on the streets. In some cases its a traditional neon like sign, other times just a holo projected image to let citizens know where necessities may be found.

Safe Sanctuary

A branch of Necessity Shelters, the Safe Sanctuaries are homes for misplaced children. Parents unable to reform or other legal guardians unable to care for these children, they are sent to Safe Sanctuaries for their protection.

Adults in these care facilities are here by choice, there is no benefit of extra resources to gain like foster care systems of the past. Each care gives if given specific psychological testing to assure the utmost safety for the children residing in a Safe Sanctuary.

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