Set in a distant future, the central focus of our theme revolves around the concepts of Phenoms and Adroits. College aged individuals that can either shape magic (Phenoms, like spell casters) or imbue magic into weapons and technology (Adroits, like artificers).

In legends of old, the concept of mages disappearing with the promise to return when needed was true. A group collectively known as the Society of the Sacred returned not long after the Curse arrived and conquered the Neptune System. They seek to identify the Phenoms and Adroits and in collective post-secondary schools, they gather these individuals to train in the use of their abilities and in preparation to fight the advancing forces.

Where We've Come

With the last 500 years, humanity has truly taken to the stars. Discovering we were alone, we had a wealth of planets to expand on, and colonize. In some cases it was the moons of gas giants, though floating and domed cities do exist on some of those planets where allowable. In other cases we've begun to colonize the surface.

This is conjoined with a unity unseen in all of history, where the human race truly is working as one, regardless of old concepts such as race, ethnicity, gender segregation, age, sexual orientation , religion and old divides used to separate on lines such as have and have-nots.

This has lead to a reduction of harm caused to Earth, lowering its population greatly while making other planets and moons habitable.

The whole of humanity has come to be governed by the Council of Planets, elected members of each planet or planetary system (which includes a planets moons), seek to unite all resources and their utilization for the betterment of all society throughout our solar system.

It All Changed

This ideal of being alone and united changed twenty-one years ago. The Curselings arrived, spreading their curse in their wake. An invasion began against the city of Actium. We were not prepared, with minimal police forces and the overwhelming use of non-lethal weapons, it was not hard for the Curselings to capture Actium and spread their Curse over the moon of Triton, and then onto the floating cities of Neptune itself. All in all, it was under three years for the Curse to take hold of and occupy Neptune and its system.

What we learned during this invasion is that these were not alien beings, but rather beings of magic, entering our reality through magical portals from their nightmare realms. What came were the Auratalons and Grimfangs. The Auratalons first, that simply exuded dread and fear. Plants and vegetation twisted and turned where they occupied the lands, into something nightmarish from their worlds. No technology to terraform other than their fearful auras.

The year following the Occupation of Neptune, we had a turn of hope, as the Society of the Sacred arrived. In legends of old, mages foretold they would retire away and return once magic returned to humanity. Their promises were kept.

They explained as the magic returned, so too would those gifted to make magic in our world, and those who could use the benefits of magic. They would have to monitor for those gifted enough for this endeavor.

And 16 years later, this comes to fruition. When they returned, the seeds were born again, but the ability could not be identified until individuals had lived for 16 standard years. While this time passed, the Curse spread. Curselings arrived first on the moon Umbriel, to conquer and then to the moons Ambriel and Oberon. With the Auratalons came their beasts of war, the Grimfang.

Also in this time, the Society of the Sacred prepared the way to teach the elementalists at their school in Avalon, the Halls of Canterbury. The portal protected to the realm they had hid away in, it would open to the gifted children so they could attend The Establishment of Magic at Canterbury Halls. Similarly they have worked with scientists and engineers. Already training a military to fight these invaders from another realm, the Society worked to prepare the first weapons and ships for the infusion of magic to come. Not everyone can utilize this new technology, while not all the progeny of the legends can innately cast magic, they can wield it to its benefits. Like knights and warriors of old, the soldiers are trained at The Celestial Academy of Aristarchus Station in orbit around Titan.

Now is the time, the 1st generation of these children have come of age, 16, and thusly identified are sent to the Commorancies of Salian City along with their families, to train and prepare.

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