While there is a bend towards a Utopian quality that exists among humanity, politics are still viable and alive.

With expansion to the 8 major planets and their moons, and a reversion of Earth to save her resources, the necessity to squabble over limited resources has been removed, or nearly eliminated. Politics are required to maintain resources and to assure everyone's needs are met.

All politics are governed but by the Council of Planets. This is a body of eight individuals, encompassing aides they have selected which include advisors, scientists, planetologists, environmentalists, resource managers and other administrators necessary to make unified informed decisions that benefit all of society.

Each official is elected by the populace of the planet they represent and is then appointed by that planets Chancellor. There are two major political parties that represent the most popular philosophical ideas of the time. On one end is the Cordial Society Movement, which believes a person chooses a profession and received training then resources to perform and work how they see fit as an adult. This is the basis of society for the most part, a choice to be in a career based on needs of society. Performance and demand for an individual dictates how long they may attempt a profession until they are offered to choose again. The CSM believes they should stay in profession just under guidance of more successful members of chosen profession.

Counter to this political idea is the Unified Populous Alliance. They believe an individual should be tested and then given a limited choice of profession. They have a set period to perform and be productive in this chosen profession before retesting and reassignment. They worry that the CSM standard can miss out on having the best in a given field. The UPA view this as still allowing choice, but limited to fields identified as potentially successful for individuals.

Council of Planets


The standard body of government for the entire system is the Council of Planets. Their chamber of governance is on Titan in Salian City. The entire system is familiar with their round tabled chamber as most decisions that affect the system are telecast.

Earth is at the center of the table, a reminder of where every person came from. Usually a holo is projected behind each Councilor to show what system they represent. But sometimes social movements and initiatives they support are projected instead.

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