The Society

The Society of the Sacred

A group of wizards straight out of fairy tales and legends. As foretold in legends of a distant past, with the return of magic so too have mages of old returned. They seek the awakening of children, those descendants of legends past that saved Earth are now sought by this group to be trained in Canterbury Halls to once again face the threat that now faces our entire solar system.

While their primary focus is on teaching the Phenoms to defend the humanity against the invasion, they also assist in the training of the Adroits on Aristarchus Station. Their tertiary responsibility is to humanity as a whole and they, in part, serve as special advisory council to the Council of Planets.


Merlin (Earth/Earth)

Prospero (Wind/Jupiter

Circe (water/Caelus,

Hecate (shadow? - Neptune)

Baba Yaga (Wood/Saturn)

Melampus (Light/Venus)

Maugris (Metal/Mercury)

Cassandra (Fire/Mars)

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