To understand society one must understand the socioeconomics of how humans currently exist.

Overall there has been a great normalization in disparities over the last millennium. There isn't an economy of trade of actual resources that lends to a defined, small top 1% with a widening bottom 40%. Necessities and Living allotments have been equalized. The amount of food one should have on a daily basis is provided based on appropriate amounts of calories for an individual along with some additional spending. Living space is equal for everyone, an individual receives the same amount of floor space in a condo, townhome or otherwise and a maintenance allotment for new furniture and appliances.

There is still deviation. The primary and most notable in society is social status. While a star athlete receives the same allotment of necessities, living, leisure and other resources for expenses as they choose, an individual in the restaurant business that is truly the top of their game can limit seating to only allow in the socially elite. While everyone has the same access to a traditional '5-star' dining experience, getting in is still an issue. Everyone may go every so often, during non-peak hours, but during peak, that place is a glamorous affair of who's who with most people waiting in line and never getting in until the show is over so to speak.

Less prominent is the concept of living poor despite the equality in allotments. Gambling and criminal elements will take advantage of the needy, those with addiction problems. Whether its gambling, gluttony, and other wants, an individual can loose basic necessities easily enough to get excess in other areas. The entirety of the legal system is on reform and normalization where nothing is truly illegal except harm to other humans which is at an all time low. There are houses of necessities that work with law enforcement, where necessity probation officers assure no one goes without food even if they have lost resources to other means. From there, they idenfity if a person needs counseling, group services, a live-in home environment, or other opportunities of reform including relocation to a reform and work camp hovering over Jupiter.

While families of such individuals still eat and receive necessities, they could well live in a barren home where all their living resources have been given away to support the addict in need of reform. Thus on the surface, they are equal to anyone else including the star athlete or famous actress and their families, they still live a poor life relative to what is socially normal.

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