Whether playing or observing for leisure, the spectacle of sport is a vibrant part of leisure and culture. From the professional level down through amateur and even personal level sports as many participate as those who simply enjoy watching. Gambling remains a vibrant part of sports as well.

Professional teams exist at the a city level, with Elite leagues in every planetary system culling teams from every major city (population 1 million+) that chooses to host a team. Like any profession, all are welcome to try out for such teams, only the finest of each city are selected to play.

Elite leagues for team sports center on Football, soccer, basketball, baseball and hockey. Many other team sports have teams, but none as organized as those five.

The king of individual sport remains MangeTrack Sport Racing. Most cities can support several teams and, as with any profession, as long as a rider maintains a consistent level of wins versus losses, they will most likely remain a rider.

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