Medicine has advanced to the point that most anything can be regrown or replenished. Despite this, there is no cure for aging. Humans age to about 100 on average. Likewise, the loss of the brain or the heart is, more likely than not, going to result in death. Force trauma can still lead to system failure and too much shock on the system leads to death just the same.

So long as a person can reach a medical facility, they can recover from injury. However, being in the field or letting something linger or fester will, as well, lead to system shock, failure and inevitable death.

Because of this, cybernetics and bioware has decreased to the point of no longer developed or researched.

Smart Devices/Computers


More to come

OED, the Optimized Evaluator Device, is the current state of the smart device. It not only can evaluate the environment around a user, but can actively use cameras and sensors intuitively as well as monitor biometrics of the user.

DNA for personal stuff, ID, Bank info, Allotments of food, clothing, leisure, etc. Also GPS, camera that stores, a music device, A cell phone

Drones and Robots


Small, remotely operated vehicles meant to work on a project from a distance or operate and observe over greater distances, increasing the effectiveness of the drone operator. It works much like a tool kit, over extended ranges. The Agility of a Drone is a character's drone operations skill, these may be enhanced with the addition of appropriate to tools.


Set to perform a limited range of functions. There is, to date, no true AI. A robot can only perform the skills it was programmed to do; unlike a human that has a chance in a much wider array of abilities to complete a task or use a skill even without proper training.


Melee Weapons

Name Damage
Tools and Makeshift Weapons +1
Edged Tools, Sharp Objects +2
Knife or Metal Baton +1D
Hand Axe +1D+1
Large Knife or Plasmatronic Baton +1D+2
Plasmatronic Knife or Metal Quarterstaff +2D
Large Axe +2D+1
Plasmatronic Quarterstaff +2D+2
Sword +3D
Two Handed Sword or Plasmatronic Axe +3D+1
Two Handed Axe +3D+2
Plasmatronic Sword/Axe +4D

Ranged (Firearms)


Better tech to produce simply mechanics (levers/pulleys/etc.) has lead to such devices dealing substantially more damage than their actual predecessors from long ago. While the least powerful of ranged weapons, the physical ammo can be added too (poison, flaming projectiles, etc.).

Name Damage Ammo Short Range Med. Range Long Range Price
Wrist Needle 2d+2 10 10 40 80
GyroBow 3D+1 2 10 60 250
Pult Mount 5D+2 1 10 45 125

Wrist Needle: Updated hand cross bow that shoots high velocity thin darts.

GyroBow: A bow that is braced to a back harness (to which a back pack or quiver or other equip can easily be mounted) increased the effectiveness of the ancient bow.

Pult Mount: A light frame that is easily carried, planted into the ground for stability that fires spear length arrows at high velocity. The mount includes a crank to quickly draw and fire the weapon.


Prior to advancement of energy weapons, these are traditional ballistic style weapons

Name Damage Ammo Short Range Med. Range Long Range Price
Hand Pistol 3D 25 25 75 150
Semi-Auto Rifle 4D+1 50 45 450 600
Shoulder Cannon 5D+1 10 30 125 350

Hand Pistol: Standard hand gun with a large clip

Rifle, Semi-Auto: Capable of holding a barrel of ammo and firing multiple bursts of rounds each tap of the trigger.

Shoulder Cannon: A slimming down of the old rocket launcher, using instead a higher caliber ballistic than the Rifle/Pistol instead.


Energy based weapons that fires light particles/energy at a high velocity. Once can change settings on these weapons to non-lethal.

Name Damage Ammo Short Range Med. Range Long Range Price
Particle Pistol 3D+2 15 20 50 150
LazRifle 4D+2 30 25 150 300
EnderGun 6D 20 15 45 175

Particle Pistol: Smaller than the hand gun of old, light wait, fires a small particle beam of energy.

LazRifle: Step up from a pistol, hip or shoulder fired, about 2-3' in length.

EnderGun: Largest energy weapon, 4 to 5' in length, large shoulder stock, best tucked into a shoulder and probably braced on a wall nearby for accuracy.


Armor comes in two varieties; Light Armors and Heavy Armors. Light Armors can be worn alone or beneath Heavy Armors.

Light Armors

The lightest of armor is a woven metal with man made fabrics that is all but indistinguishable from most clothing in general. Various names exist to distinguish types of this armor from Allycron to Zylotran, but all have similar properties. Commonly referred to as Mesh armor.

Tephlex armor is a medium grade light armor, it has the appearance of canvas but is a synthetic plastic metal combination that is durable and breathable. It is a standard issue to most law enforcement agents in regular field positions.

The best of the light armors is a gel armor, an extremely thin gel cased in flexible plastic. Gel armor is prone to slow attacks that would conceivable tear through the plastic easily, but any blow struck with force generally causes the armor to condense rapidly to stop such attacks while sending ripples outward within its casing to reduce injure to anyone wearing Gel armor.

Light armors can be worn under most clothes and, typically, can be combined with a heavy armor to offer further protection.

Heavy Armors

The distinction of heavy armor over lighter is that some process of molding and shaping is involved and these can only be worn over clothes, including light armors. Where some of the lighter armors could conceivably be concealed, there is no way to cover up a heavy armor. It is easily recognizable in its many forms.

Composite plastics are the lightest of the molded armor and has a noticeable shine, giving it a brighter appearance than other heavy armor.

SynthSteel is a common metal armor that has been redoubled through introduction of other materials including many man made ones, to produce a high quality armor. That it is combined with plastic and the metal thinned from archaic suits of armor, makes it lighter and easier to wear then historically has been for metal like armors.

Tethon ceramics is the best of modern heavy armor. It is thick and highly noticeable from a distance. The process involves the combination of metal and steel with man made ceramic like material. Combined, it can be set to the wearer before its fired at extremely high Kelvin to produce some of the most durable, yet breathable material yet known to humans.

Personal Shield

There is only one shield in use, the Plasmatronic Shield. It uses an ionized plasma (4th state of matter) to create an ionized force field in the shape of a shield which an individual may employ in combat. Similar to gel armor, the higher impact, the less likely an attack is to penetrate a Plasmatronic shield.

Type Armor Value Light/Heavy*
Mesh Shirt +1 L
Tephlex Vest/Shirt +2 L
Mesh Shirt & Legging +1D L
Plasmatronic Shield +1D/+2D+ *
Plastic Armor Vest +1D+1 H
Gel Vest +1D+1 L
Tephlex Full Body Armor +1D+2 L
Gel Armor, Full Body +2D L
SynthSteel Best +2D H
Full Plastic Body Armor +2D+1 H
Tethon Body Vest +2D+2 H
SynthSteel Full Body +3D H
Tethon Ceramic Full Body Armor +3D+1 H

* Light can be used as an under armor to stack with Heavy Armor, coupled with other modifiers, note that the system max for Damage Resistance is +6D
+ A Plasmatronic shield is more effective against ranged weapons due to their velocity, +2D against any firearm, otherwise +1D. It can be utilized with any armor

Suits and Advanced Armors


Image Unavailable
Each one designed for a specific roll with a compliment of tools for completing jobs.

This is a human assist to make certain jobs easier. It assists with agility and stabilization, including stick controlled extension for finer agility as well as added strength for a typical human.


Image Unavailable
Each is designed for one environment only

This is an advanced suit for surviving in various extremes from space to the bottom of the ocean. Many are adapted to using their atmosphere/surroundings to help replenish air and sustain the wearer for several days at a time in the specified environment. This may provide up to +2 Damage Resistance Total, for every five hits, it is reduced one pip. If this is reduced to 0, the wearer is in imminent danger from the environment they are in as the suit leaks.

The small TerGen units fitted to an TerraSuit can be replenished with Life Support Packs.


Image Unavailable
Each is designed for one environment only

TerraArmor is a composite of the known hardened armors where a typical underarmor has been replaced with a TerraSuit for survival in various extreme environs. Where a TerraSuit is designed to sustain for several days, a TerraSuit is twice as effect, up to five days. Due to support from the armor, a TerGen can replace a typical backpack or utilities to increase survival for the wearer of the armor and those in their vicinity for up to a week or longer.

TerraArmor is the equivalent of Techon Ceramic (+3D) and Gel (+2) with the benefit of TerGen for the wearer suited to 1 type of atmosphere (gas/water/cold/heat/etc.). They are also standard equipment with advanced sensor arrays (+1D Sensor). These armors are Scale: 3.


Ground Mecha
Image Unavailable
Standard planetary/moon based military weapons vehicles, solo-piloted.

Bipedal vehciles controlled by a human within. Designed to contain bigger weapons than typically carried by individual soldiers in TerraArmor. Support for ground and air units within planetary and moon atmospheres. Some may be capable of limited flights into and out of space, but definitely not moon to moon or planet to planet. Each has a limited amount of load it will carry which is used for bigger weapons, ammo supply and extra abilities such as fuel for flight.


Flight Scout
Scale 6 6
Toughness 1D 1D
Maneuverability 3D 3D
Body 23 23
Movement 10 (ground)/20 (Flight) 20 (Ground)
Armor NA +1D
Sensor/Scan/Perception NA +1D
LasRifle (4D+2) Arm Mounted Arm Mounted
Plasmatronic Shield Arm Mounted Arm Mounted


Standard Mecha TerraMech
Scale 10 10
Toughness 2D 2D
Maneuverability 2D 2D
Body 27 27
Movement 15 15
Armor +2D +1D
Sensor/Scan/Perception NA +1D
LasRifle (4D+2) x2 - Arm Mounted, both x1 Arm Mounted


Troop Support Assault Mecha
Scale 16 16
Toughness 3D 3D
Maneuverability 1D 1D
Body 30 30
Movement 10 10
Armor +3D +2D
Sensor/Scan/Perception +1D NA
LasRifle (4D+2) x2, Arm Mounted/Shoulder Mounted x1 Arm Mounted
EnderGun (6D) NA x2, Shoulder Mounted
Plasmatronic Shield Arm Mounted NA

Hover Vehicles

Personal Hover Disc

A small round disc that hovers 12" off the ground, flat terrain required for operation. The standard ground device for moving about in cities when one isn't walking place to place.

Small Personal Transport

Small Personal Vehicle
Image Unavailable
Inner City flying vehicle

The standard for traveling inside the city, this is a flying device that seats 1 or 2 people easily. It is not covered and designed for travel in a city.

Family Transport

Sport Vehicle
Image Unavailable
2-4 Passenger, sport model rural vehicle

Covered, it comes in a sedan variety for 4-8 people, or a sports variety designed for 2-4 people. These are not for the city and are kept in small ports near the edges of cities. It is for families to go to other cities or on vacations.

Sedan Vehicle
Image Unavailable
4-8 Passenger, sport model rural vehicle


Transports resources or large groups of people between cities.

Water Vehicles

Water Bike

Any one to two person vehicle that is capable of under- and on-water transportation.

Water Bike
Image Unavailable
1-2 person under- and on-water transportation, usually a sporting vehicle.

Jet Boat

The equivalent of small yachts, jet boats are the main form of leisure on the water for groups of individuals. There is little necessity for larger boats as most water vehicles are for leisure only in 3018.

Jet Boat
Image Unavailable
4 to 8 person pleasure crafts for the water.

Space Vehicles

These are vehicles designed specifically for utilization in space. Typically fighters and shuttles can enter a planet or moons atmosphere where as capital ships and stations are purely intended for utilization in orbit and beyond. Fighters and shuttles are typical not used beyond a planets system due to the resources and, importantly, time for ships of this size to move between planets.

Not there is no true dropship, a shuttle can move people from ground to a capital ship or space station. The military employs small capital ships or, sometimes, shuttles, to bring Astro Forces into upper atmosphere where they are dropped out in flying mecha to attack ground defense guns if any and then to use their machines to establish landing points for standard troop shuttles.

Space Fighter/Shuttle

Fighters and shuttles interact around planetary defenses or capital and space stations. Seldom do the travel between planets due to resources needed to complete such a trip including time. Typically these are on a scale of about 15 to 20


Crew: 2
Passengers: 40
Scale: 17
Weapons: 1 laser cannon (five arcs, range 3/12/25, damage 4D); 1 missile launcher (forward arc, range 2/3/7, damage per missile)
Hull Toughness: 2D
Armor: +2D
Shields: +2D

2 Person Fighter/Patrol

Crew: 2
Passengers: 2 passengers, 4 prisoners in brig
Weapons: 1 laser cannon (five arcs, range 7/20/31, damage 6D); 1 missile launcher (forward arc, ammo 1, range 3/4/8, damage per missile); 4 active homing (5D)
Hull Toughness: 2D+1
Armor: +2
Shields: +2D
Scale: 17

Single Person Fighter/Defender

Crew: 1 Passengers: 0
Weapons: 2 blaster cannons (forward arc, range 8/25/38, damage 3D)
Hull Toughness: 1D+1
Armor: 0
Shields: +2D (1 area, 2 tons, 6 eu, 13,500 cr)
Scale: 15

Capital Ship

Larger ships, built and designed to remain in space, capable of docking with space stations but incapable of landing on the surface of any planet or moon. Typical Scale: 20 to 35


Crew: 18 Passengers: 4 passengers, 12 prisoners in brig

Weapons: 2 blaster cannons (five arcs each, range 8/25/38,
damage 5D each); 2 missile launchers (forward, ammo 1 each, range 2/3/7, damage per missile); 5 passive-homing missiles (damage 6D each); 5 active-homing missiles (damage 5D each) 3 point-defense guns (1 forward,
1 port, 1 starboard, range 1/2/3, damage 5D each); 1 tractor beam (forward arc, range 5/15/30, damage 2D)
Hull Toughness: 3D+1
Armor: +2D
Shields: +3D
Scale: 21


Crew: 565 (pilots, navigation, gunners, sensors, communication, repair, administration, and support staff )
Passengers: 100

Weapons: 6 laser cannons (3 forward arc, 1 starboard arc, 1 port arc, 1 rear arc, gunnery bonus +3D, range 15/36/73, damage 4D); 1 sensor probe launchers (1 forward arc, range 2/16/14)
Hull Toughness: 4D
Armor: +1D
Shields: +1D
Scale: 26

Space Stations

Small Standard Planetary Defense Station

Crew: 17,100 (pilots, navigation, gunners, sensors, commu-
nication, repair, administration, support staff, and guest service staff )
Weapons: 25 laser cannons (5 forward arc, 5 starboard arc, 5
port arc, 5 upper arc, 5 lower arc, gunnery bonus +1D,
range 15/36/73, damage 5D)
Hull Toughness: 4D
Armor: +1D
Shields: +1D
Scale: 34

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