All time is relative to earth.

While lengths of a 'day' vary from planet to planet, and even moon to moon, a standard day remains 24 hours.

This is broken down into 6 hours of rest, 6 hours of work, and 12 hours of leisure. Note on rest/sleep. Old concepts of dreams and nightmares have subsided in humans. Coupled with modern medicine, more controlled home atmosphere/environments, periods of sleep are far more conducive to honest restfulness.

A year relative to a human remains 365 days. The importance of this is more relevant on the slow moving outer planets. It takes them multiple years to go about the sun and they measure season in greater intervals though the concept of season has relatively little affect on planets beyond the five inner planets of our solar system. More importantly, humans continue to age and develop the same regardless of where they live among the many planetary systems. Because of this key factor, a year is still measured at a standard earth year.

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