Present (IC Timeline)


Caelusian Battles (3002 - Present)

Battle for Oberon (3015 - Present)

Ariel Battles (3013-Present)

3017 - Present - 1st Class is admitted into The Establishment of Magic at Canterbury Halls; a school accessed via trans-dimensional portal that is located in Salian City on Titan.

3016 - The first families are identified and moved to Titan. Not only the children, but entire families are brought to live in Salian City.

3015 - Our forces push back just a little against the Hopeless on Ariel. A near immediate response is a secondary invasion is launched on another moon of Caelus, Oberon is invaded.

3014 - Testing begins to identify potential candidates, those with the innate ability to control elements.

3013 - The Curselings emerge on Ariel and the battle for Ariel begins.

Battles for Umbriel, Caelusian Battles (3002-3008)

3008 - Umbriel is Occupied.

3004 - A moment of hope, the Curselings are pushed back as conflict continues on Umbriel. Until they unleash the Grimfang, war beast-like horrors.

3002 - Hordes of Curselings emerge near Caelus, on its moon Umbriel, beginning the Battle for Caelus.

3001 - Society of the Sacred emerges from a portal in Salian City on Titan. They begin a search for the descendants of LEGENDS. As foretold in legends of old, an age of magic is returning, so too have the mages as promised. Covertly working with planetary governments, they herald the return of descendants.

Neptunian Conflict (2996 - 2999)

2999 - Triton is occupied as are any floating cities on the gaseous ice giant, Neptune, itself.

2996 - A force of strange beings emerges near Actrium. It is eventually witnessed that the arrive by some portal. After some observation and research it is determined that it is not technology based as we understand the sciences. The first rumors of magic begin here. We call this invasion the Curse, and those beings coming to invade are the Curselings.

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