Ephemerides' of Titan

A look at the positioning of Titan

Locked in its orbit around Saturn, Titan always presents the same face to Saturn. At 0o Lat 0o Long, Saturn is directly overhead, always.

It takes 16 days for Titan to orbit, meaning a complete 'day' relative to the Sun on Titan is 16 days. Or, the cycle is 8 days at Earth standard when the sun is visible, and 8 days when the sun is outside of view. Even on the side of the planet that faces the Saturn, the sun is visible above or below Saturn most of the time. Once every 20 years or so there is an ecliptic cross in which Saturn blocks the Sun for about 2 months. This is less relevant to Titan as relative sunlight is more reflected off the planet or passed through the hazy atmosphere.

The 'year' or 'seasons' follow Saturn directly. A year is roughly 30 standard earth years. Making each season roughly just over 7 years. This doesn't affect the TerGen locations, the cities and outposts, but does affect the rest of the surface.

With a 27o tilt to Saturn, there are distinct northern/southern hemispheres that alternate summer/winter. In summer, more methane lakes can appear outside of terra formed areas due to a melting of methane ice into liquid methane. They become hard and frozen in winter.

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