Valian City

The first and largest city on Venus, Valian City is composed of massive platforms full of breathable air upon which marvelous and splendid towers have been erected as if to enjoy the sun above the atmosphere of Venus.


Initially domed, it has since been removed due to advances in TerGen technology that allows direct conversion of the sulfric acid rain into less poisonous substances. While the underbelly of the city still remains more thick of the metals to withstand such elements occurring naturally in the atmosphere, the upper levels and towers include a vast array of material contributing to the natural beauty and allure of Valian City. Inspired by the very name sake of the planet and city itself.

Due to the association with Venus and its ability to propel itself as needed, the biggest time of year remains February in Valian City, where it often times maneuvers and dwells within the twilight light of Venus near the southern pole to capture the best effects of both worlds. The time of festivities is not set in stone but rather the city remains until a given number of auroras appear over the darker nighttime portions of this twilight. While sporadic, and no magnetic field on Venus, that released by the sun and caught in its tail does randomly produce auroras naturally (similar to a comets tail). Where these show randomly on any given night, the city hovers here for a length of days to partake of more of this phenomenon. On the final days of the festival, oxygen like containers are launched into that darkness to release contents that spark man-induced auroras. This is akin to fireworks in a manner.

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